Who Are You?

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We figured you have asked yourself, who is Current Love Affair and what is it?  Some people hear the name and think it is a site they might not want in their browser history, some think it is about current trends, and others just have no idea. 

What Are We

We are here to tell you that Current Love Affair is an online retail store that is throwing some fire into the graphic t shirt industry. We design hand drawn graphic tees that are a little risqué, ambiguous, and something we hope brings a (dirty) smile to your face. We are also ambiguous, meaning the shirts can have two different messages, but all in all we want to show that you can be more outspoken while putting a little smirk on everyone's faces.

Who Are We

The company idea was born in NYC 2017 and launched online in 2018.  We are designed in New York and produced in California.  We embody both a laidback California lifestyle and a bougie (boo-shjee) New York attitude.  Our owner is the chief creative officer, residing in NYC, who comes up with all of the designs and our freelance artist, resides in California, and makes the designs come to life!

What Are You Going To Do

We have started with only a couple graphic t shirt designs but don't worry we have more designs (fun, funny, and sexual) to drop to you throughout the year.  We have some fun accessories as well such as the best dad hats, nippies, and necklaces!  We partner with the best vendors to give you the softest and comfiest t shirt you will ever wear.  Each shirt is hand picked by the owner to match specifically with each design.  Some of our shirts are Unisex for all of our man babes out there so be sure to tell your friends!

 We hope you follow along on our journey and wear our products proudly!

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