Who Is Our Artist?

Who is the artist?

We told you that all of our designs are hand drawn and now we would like to introduce you to our babe of an artist.

The Artist

Her name is Miss Louise Henninger and she is a mega babe born and raised in Northern California.  She has been doodling since the day she could hold a crayon. In high school and college she took every class that involved some kind of creativity such as ceramics, drawing, digital media, art history, and minored in art.  

Likes & Loves

Louise thoroughly enjoys raspberries, Thai tea, picnics, baking, and turquoise water.  She has a slight addiction to sugar and Vitamin D and although these are not the best to be putting in or on her body she knows there are far worse things to be addicted to, so she takes them in with pure joy whenever she can!

Self Growth

Miss Henninger is a visual learner and loves creativity by exploring the world.  She has been to multiple countries, traveled alone and with loved ones.  She comes from the land of trees so nature is where she naturally finds her solitude but traveling the world is where she finds self growth
Family & Friends, Always

Although traveling makes her extremely happy, she LIVES for her family and friends because when it comes down to it humans are what truly makes her happy!

One Hot Babe

Louise is an all around amazing superstar of a human to surround yourself next to.  Also, have we mentioned that she is SERIOUSLY one hot BABE!? *Pictured below.

P.S. Louise's signature is discreetly placed in all of her designs, see if you can spot them out!

Current Love Affair Artist

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